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MassDOT Separated Bike Lane Planning & Design Guide

Non-Dutch roundabouts

These resources either have bicyclists take the lane, ride onto the sidewalk and cross as a pedestrian would, and/or ride onto a shared use path). MUTCD does not allow bicycle lanes through a roundabout. They allow a separated multi-use path or sharrows on the street.


Safety Considerations for Roundabouts (Studies)

Safety and Risk in Modern Urban Roundabouts (2014)
The Effects of Roundabouts on Pedestrian Safety (2002) (results show increased ped safety)

Pedestrian Safety info from

“Compared to traditional intersections, single-lane roundabouts, typically offer the following safety benefits and features for pedestrians:

  • Lower motor vehicle speeds and increased yielding behavior [Rodergerdts et al., 2010].
  • Fewer conflict points (Rodergerdts et al., 2010).
  • Higher visibility of pedestrians in the crosswalk [Rodergerdts et al., 2010].
  • Shorter wait time for pedestrians to cross than at signalized intersections
  • Lower exposure to motor vehicles because of the shortened crossing distance [Rodergerdts et al., 2010].
  • Simpler crossing due to the splitter islands, which provide mid-crossing refuge and allow the pedestrian to focus on traffic from one direction at a time [Rodergerdts et al., 2010].”

Study reference above:
Rodergerdts, L., Bansen, J., Tiesler, C., Knudsen, J., Myers, E., Johnson, M., & O’Brien, A. (2010). Roundabouts: An informational guide (NCHRP Report 672). Transportation Research Board. Web.