Welcome to the virtual open house for the

Commercial Avenue
Complete Street Project

The City of Anacortes is currently working on the first phase of a broader vision to implement a complete street along Commercial Avenue. The current phase is focused on improving the safety and comfort for people walking, biking, and driving on Commercial Avenue between 13th Street and 11th Street heading into Downtown Anacortes.

This virtual open house contains a variety of information on this project and is intended to answer some of the following questions you might have including:

  • What is a complete street?
  • What is the background and history behind this project?
  • Why Commercial Avenue?
  • What alternatives are being considered?
  • What do the alternatives look like?
  • What is the timeline for design and construction?

The tabs at the top of this page will take you to various parts of the virtual open house, starting with some background information, context and some videos. The Alternatives tab will take you to some of the options being considered, along with the pros and cons of each. This section also has a video simulation that allows you to see how different options perform with traffic. If you’re wanting to browse some resources on complete streets and see some example photos, check out the Resources tab.

This is an exciting project for our community. Have fun with the information and resources and let us know what you think!